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Cayman Islands Development Bank is a leading provider of a range of loans, sound financial counselling and the right financial and technical assistance. We help you realize your dreams, whether you want to pursue further education, expand a business, or purchase a home.

Home Mortgage Loan

The Cayman Islands Development Bank (CIDB) provides mortgage loans under its "HOME" (Home Ownership Made Easy) program to Caymanians and Caymanian-Status holders. 

If you qualify, the HOME mortgage finance program will assist you in one of two different ways: 

This loan will assist you to:

1. Purchase a house, condominium, or apartment

2. Construct a house (on owned land) - to be built by an approved contractor

Would you qualify for a “HOME” loan at the Cayman Islands Development Bank? Certainly, if:

  • The cost of constructing the house does not exceed $600,000 – that is, provided you have the land on which to build
  • Or, if you want to purchase a house, the cost of the entire property (including the land) cannot exceed $600,000
  • If you have stable and continuous employment
  • If you can prove that you are able to make your mortgage payments
  • If you can contribute 10%, 20% or 30% towards the cost of the house
    • Loan to value up to 70% interest rate is 3.75%
    • Loan to value up to 80% interest rate is 4.00%
    • Loan to value up to 90% interest rate is 5.00%
  • If you can afford to meet the closing costs

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